How to work on a job

  1. Click Find Jobs on the navigation bar to open the find jobs page.
  2. Find the job you want to work on, use the filter on the left-hand side if necessary. Click on the job on the right-hand side to open its defailt page.
  3. On the job details page, make sure the job description (pay rate, etc.) is ok for you. If so, click SUBMIT A PROPOSAL button. The popup will shows up, enter your proposal message. Make sure to enter your best self, so the client can see that you can really do the job.

{warning} You can't submit a proposal if you're already have an ongoing contract on that job.

  1. Keep an eye out. The client might contact you via a built-in messages system in Nano Jobs or your work email. If they don't they can also accept the proposal right away. Don't worry, Nano Jobs will email you to make sure you know that your proposal is accepted or rejected.
  2. If your proposal got accepted, a contract will be created, and you can start working on the job. The client can use the contract details page to create a payment and send NANO to your NANO address. The payment amount will be reflected in your profile.
  3. Once the job is done, the client will close a contract, and you can give each other a review. We highly recommend that both of you do this to increase credibility.