How to create a payment

{primary} You need to have an ongoing contract to make a payment. A contract will be created automatically after you accepted the proposal. Read more at Work on a job documentation.

  1. Open the contract details page. You can do this easily by open the Dashboard page first using the menu on the navigation bar. Then, on the Contracts tab you'll see a list of Ongoing contract. Click the DETAILS button of the one that you want to create a payment.
  2. On the contract details page, click CREATE PAYMENT button to open Create payment for contract page.

{warning} You can't create a payment on the closed contract.

  1. On the create payment page, make sure your NANO address is correct. Then, use your NANO wallet and send NANO from that address to the talent's NANO address. You can also use the built-in QR code generator to transfer NANO, this way you don't need to copy the talent's NANO address manually.

{warning} There are a few sets of rules that you need to know.

Make sure that you're sending from your address on this page. Otherwise, the system won't be able to capture the payment.

The minimum amount that will be captured is 0.0001 NANO. The amount lower than that won't be captured by the system

  1. Once the payment has been made, click PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE button. The system will start the auto capturing process. This could be fast or slow depends on the performant of NANO network at that time. If you think it's too slow you can try entering the transaction id manually on the input box.
  2. When the transaction has been found. The page will show the form for you to enter a note (optional). After that you can click CONFIRM TRANSACTION and click confirm again on the popup. The system will then store this transaction as a payment for this contract. The same transaction won't be captured again in the future.