How to post a job

  1. Login and click the Create button on the navigation bar and select Job Listing.
  2. Enter the job information (the ui on that page is self-explanatory).

{info} Job visibility

Public job allows everyone to see and submit a proposal.

Invite only job allows only the invited talent to see and submit a proposal.

Private job will let no one except you to see it.

  1. Once all the setting has been set. Click POST to create the job.
  2. The job has been created. You can advertise your job using the URL. Also, keep an eye out for any proposal that will be submitted by the talent. You can use our built-in messages to discuss the work with talent.
  3. To start the work, make sure to accept the proposal. This way the system can create a contract from that proposal, and you can create a payment using contract details page.
  4. When you got the target number of talent working on your job. You should consider making the job private, so the other talent can't submit a proposal. To do so, open a job details page (from Dashboard page for example) and click EDIT button. The system will then open an edit job page. Here you can change the job visibility to private.
  5. When the contract is done, click CLOSE CONTRACTS button on the contract details page.
  6. When all contracts on the job is finished, consider closing the job by open the edit job page and click CLOSE THE JOB button at the bottom of the page.

{info} Check out Create a payment documentation to see how you can create a payment using Nano Jobs auto capture payment system.