New features:

  • Service offer - allow you to create a service offer to advertise your expertise. Your service offers will show up on the service marketplace when the client look for services.
  • Service marketplace - allows the client to view and search for the service offers.
  • Email is now editable - every user in Nano Jobs can change their email address. Users must verify the new email if they do so.
  • Multiple lines on messages input - the input on the Messages page is now multiple lines. Allow user to compose multiple line messages before sending.
  • A submitted proposal will also be sent as a message.

Bug fixes:

  • Minor bug fixes, nothing worth noting.


New features:



  • The user email is now private by default. You can enable it inside the profile page. Please note that private email means other people will need to contact you using Messages. Thus, please make sure to be active if your email is private.
  • Invite and messages search box now won't accept search by email. User will need to use either name or user id in the search box.


This version provides basic functionality of Nano Jobs.

New features:

  • View the dashboard to see the summary, ongoing contracts, etc.
  • Manage a job listing.
  • Invite talents to work on a job.
  • Find a job to work on.
  • Create a proposal to work on a job.
  • Accept or reject a proposal. The accepted proposal becomes a contract.
  • Use an automatic payment capturing system.
  • Review the contract after it's closed.
  • Send a message to other user in the system.
  • Receive a notification via email or in web notification alert when an important event happens (for example, a proposal has been submitted to user's job).