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Embroidery figure art and patches w/ free shipping (within the US)

TL;DR I create custom embroidery figures and patches up to ~5.5in x ~5.5in (140mm x 140mm) for 1.5 - 3 Nano, depending on the intricacy of the design.

Note: I do not charge anything until a design is finalized, properly embroidered, and you are satisfied with the result.

Do you have a character, logo, emblem, or another piece of art that you would like to have embroidered? I specialize in digitizing and creating embroidery patches and physical figures.

Here is an imgur link to some of my work: https://imgur.com/a/YzaQ7NU

How do my services work? Here is a timeline of the transaction:

1) You will send me an online link to a reference image of whatever you would like to be embroidered.

2) I will review the difficulty of digitizing the image/character. Intricate designs may need to be simplified either in terms of color count or line count. Some designs may not be physically possible due to needle and fabric constraints, but I will notify you about any concerns before attempting to digitize the design.

3) I will then send you an auto-digitized render of the image, only to serve as proof that I have received and reviewed your reference image. It will also serve as proof that my services include manually digitizing your design and not automating the process. This auto-digitized image will likely look terrible and is not representative of the final embroidery figure/patch.

4) I will then send you a price for me to begin manually digitizing the design. This will range anywhere from 1.5-3 Nano, which already includes the standard shipping cost within the continental US. Note: You do not have to pay at this step. This is simply an informal gentleman’s agreement.

5) I will send you a screenshot of the final manually-digitized render (as proof of progress) and will begin embroidering the design and revising the design as necessary.

6) I will send you a photo of the actual embroidered design when it is finalized and ready for you to review.

7) You will review the photo(s) of the design and decide whether or not to finalize the payment for the job, including shipment to a US address. Note: By default, the price up to this point includes free standard shipping only. Enabling tracking will cost an additional .25 Nano.

8) I will ship out the final product via USPS using your given information. Please review misspellings before sharing this information.

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