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Translate flyer for WeNano to Spanish

WeNano is playing an important role in getting people to experience nano for the first time. A challenge that we're currently noticing is that nano in certain spots remains unclaimed. For that reason, our Dutch ambassador (Forest) has created a flyer with information about WeNano.

Link 1:
Link 2:

Over the course of the next months, we will pilot sharing these flyers (either physically or digitally) in selected universities. To see whether they can help increase the nano claims and growth of the application. We will also share this flyer with the wider community so people can use it however they see fit.

Due to the global nature of our community it is extremely important to us to create high quality localisations of this flyer. We ask you to do this and pasted the text to be translated below.

**210 words translation to be done**
A Guide To WeNano

Try sustainable digital money on your campus!

Everyone in the world should have access to the digital economy. WeNano is an app that allows users to freely share and collect digital money, called nano, anywhere in the world!

Read this quick guide to get started!

What can I do with WeNano?

Visit spots on the map to collect a small nano payout. Or create a spot to donate some nano in a certain area!

Chat with friends, family or other people in your area if they share their location. Everyone has their own profile!

Send and receive nano payments easily with the built-in wallet. Simple, instant and fee-less!

How to get started?
Follow these simple steps to get started with WeNano and join
the future of money!

Download the app
Available on Android and iOS

* Choose a username
* Store your seed [recovery code] somewhere safe
* Finish registering

Get a nano payout
* Look for a spot near you on the map
* Make sure you are in the payout range
* Click 'Get Payout'
Note: for your first payout you'll be asked to verify your phone number

Creating a spot
Long press anywhere on the map to create a spot and donate to your community.


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